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Trumpstyle said:
JWeinCom said:

In that case, maybe you should read more about about CRT before commenting, because you don't seem to understand it very well.

Critical Race Theory suggests that the dominant culture is largely responsible for societal biases. In America, the dominant culture is white. In South Korea, it is not. Has any serious person (as in a respected source and not a random blogger) suggested that white people are responsible for South Korean attitudes towards Germans? If not, then that's a strawman argument. 

If you can find any kind of scholarly work that suggests only white people and societies run predominately by white people are capable of racism, please show me that. I have taken a few classes and done some readings with Professors that I'm fairly certain would identify themselves as critical race theorists, and they have typically pointed to examples of racism in other, often non-white, countries as points of comparisons to understand the racial dynamics in America. 

I have definitely read that there are people who believes all form of racialism can be traced back to white supremacy and it's a global crisis. These people used the exact same argument that Sundin are using, ofc a professor who has views like this will most likely not admit this. And these views are just out of whack for me, like it's possible for Black folks to read about supply & demand and become critical of immigration. Not from hearing "Mexican are stealing our jobs" like Sundin suggested.

It's good you're here as you can correct me if I get anything wrong as I mainly just read what other people are saying, mainly from twitter. First I don't believe you're right when you say dominant culture is the cause of societal biases, CRT says that it's the system that is racist. This itself is an attack on Liberal democracy and what is suppose to replace it I have no idea as there just don't seems to be any point to CRT. Another thing is that CRT believers can't explain CRA64/VRA65 which makes the whole thing fall apart anyway.

But the biggest issue with CRT right now is that you guys are teaching your young pupils a bunch of fairy tales which has its connection to Marxism, atleast according to this Washingtonpost article. This makes CRT a threat to the Liberal order and Republicans in your country must get rid of it, CRT should only be a option at public universities, nothing else.

Marxism = Karl Marx, Joseph Stalin, Soviet Union

No, it's not a good thing I'm here to correct anything you have wrong, because considering how you misrepresent what I said immediately afterwards, that would be a colossal waste of time.

More importantly though I'm a random person on an internet gaming site. I'm not in any way an expert on critical race theory. If you actually give a shit about understanding it, which you should if you think it's so dangerous that it should be limited to public universities, then maybe you should actually study it instead of relying on random posts on Twitter and VGChartz.

Last edited by JWeinCom - on 05 June 2021