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It would be great if the Switch Pro is real and gets announced in the next month but just keep in mind that the original Switch is still easily selling in excess of 400k per week. This is uncharted territory for Nintendo and they generally do not announce or release new hardware until there is signs that the legs are running out on their existing hardware. As soon as they announce a 4K Switch with DLSS, the sales of the original Switch are going to tank (probably for the rest of the year). Then Nintendo needs to hope that supply chains are running near 100% for the holidays and that the new Switch doesn't have inventory issues like we are hearing will be the case for a lot of microprocessor-based systems. There are a lot of reasons why Nintendo might not want to announce a successor until the original Switch shows signs of significant slow-down. I just don't want people to get their hopes up.  Myself and I am sure a lot of people here will be happy enough if we can just get a decent look at the next Zelda and Metroid Prime 4 in the next month.

Last edited by Illusion - on 02 June 2021