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I can't blame third parties for lazy ports as much as i blame Nintendo for them.
Here's my list:
- Mario kart Deluxe
- Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze.
- Zelda Skyward Sword
- New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe
- Captain Toad
- Mario 3D All Stars.
- Hyrule warriors
- Tokyo Mirage Session
Pikmin had a little work behind it so i'm not listing it.
3D world had bowser's fury as a fat addition and remains the most valuable 1st party port.
A lot of efforts can be seen through Xenoblade's port also.
We'll probably end up having Wind waker and Twilight princess being lazily ported at 60€ each.
I HOPE we don't get Xenoblade Chronicles X ported also and StarFox Zero Ported as well. That would burn the shit out of my mind if we find out that years were spent by Monolith teams working on a port.
StarFox Zero was just bad, i'd rather see a new game, well thought and made for a good old franchise.