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(Projection of Switch Sales in 2021 based on % of sales during week 18 from prior years)

Switch 2021

As of week 19: 8.651 million

(% Sales from 2017) Total sales for year: 34.09 million (Last week: 33.57 million)

(% Sales from 2018) Total sales for year: 38.37 million (Last week: 38.03 million)

(% Sales from 2019) Total sales for year: 37.55 million (Last week: 37.28 million)

(% Sales from 2020) Total sales for year: 29.32 million (Last week: 30.05 million)

Projections for Switch are up every year except 2020. However, this is to be expected as this is the last week in which 2020 sees boosted sales due to the Animal Crossing / COVID bump. Furthermore, solid evidence suggests a Q3 release date for the next Switch revision, with manufacturing starting in June.

(Opinion) Outlook suggests production may take a hit during late summer but will rebound massively during the fall and holiday season. If the production of Switch / Switch Lite SKUs is not slashed significantly or immediately due to the new model, sales considerable north of 30M may begin to be considered for this FY.