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KiigelHeart said:
Rafie said:

The first party output from Xbox compared to the other 2 isn't debatable...AT THE MOMENT. It is worse than the other 2 for now.

Nah there's plenty of variety and games to put some serious hours into on Xbox. Wouldn't give them up for anything Sony or especially Nintendo is offering. 

Hey we just found 1 of the 1% of people that think Forza, Halo, Gears etc is anywhere near the quality of Mario, Zelda, Smash, Uncharted, Last of Us, God of War, Ratchet etc.  That's cool if Microsoft's games are what you enjoy but outside of the improved frame rates/load times there is 0 reason to own an Xbox series X over the Xbox one X at the moment.  That will change soon and Microsoft will narrow the gap quite a bit in 1st party quality in 2 or so years when it starts getting elusive Elder Scrolls Fallout and Starfield type games.  If I'm stuck on an island alone and can only take 10 games with me to play with until I die 0 will be Microsoft made games.