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I was watching this presentation last night.  I totally lost my shit when they announced DQ3 in HD-2D.  I've never even played the game before either.  I just want to see more RPGs made in the HD-2D style.  I am definitely getting this game, and I hope they remake more old DQ and Final Fantasy games using this approach.

Gotta say, I LOLed at the Dragon Quest 12 announcement.  I was like, "tell us something about the game".  We got basically nothing.  This feels a whole lot like a Metroid Prime 4 announcement.  Who knows when this game will get released?

For that matter we didn't get any info about release dates or platforms (well except for the one mobile game).  I have a feeling we are going to be seeing more info on some of these games in the next few weeks, possibly at a Nintendo and/or Sony presentation.