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smroadkill15 said:
SvennoJ said:

You seem to be blinded by ms vs sony console war and keep ignoring the Switch entirely. No BC, no 60 fps (boost), no game pass, sells truckloads.

The more casual gamer doesn't buy a new console the first year they are out. So yes, I am downplaying all these early adopter features, since that is what they are. Once the masses get into the new consoles, exclusives are out and BC has gone back on the back burner until next gen.

If you showed a casual gamer that they can play the games they are playing now at double the frame rate for a $500+ investment, I think you'll just get some funny looks. They'll stick to Switch / PS4 / XBox One S until a price drop or there are new games they really want to play and can't play on the systems they already have.

It is not overlooked because of brand name, it is less popular because of (expected) game libraries.

I'm not mentioning the Switch because it's the unanimous victor of this generation and that is due to system seller games, something both PS5 and Series X lack. 

Okay, but I'm talking about someone wants to buy a console right now. Anything can happen 2-3 years down the line and I fully expect both consoles to be in the swing of things when it comes to games. I also wouldn't call quick resume an early adoption feature when it something that will benefit gamers the entire generation, unless you are only referring to BC. 

I agree with you on that. I wouldn't recommend either system in it's current state unless they really care about certain features. 

Although you've corrected yourself in the next paragraph, you're still wrong about Switch being the unanimous victor of the generation. The PS5 and Series X are still very much in the infancy of their launch. Give it time.

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