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The_Liquid_Laser said:

Yeah, I think Switch is guaranteed to sell 30m+ this year.  The real question for me is how far above 30m are they going to get.  It will probably be based on how much they are capable of manufacturing.  I doubt they will manufacture 37m+ even if they have an amazing software lineup and demand is actually that high.

The optimist in me would be inclined to agree, but after having predicted 30M last year and overshooting quarterly results 2 times in a row, I've still pegged my current prediction at 26 Million (Which I have high confidence will be exceeded) as that would still be enough, according to my predictions, for the Switch to reach 165 Million LTD.

Regardless, the trends are clearly pointing towards 30M<, so it's just a matter of Nintendo keeping supply steady throughout the rest of the year. Assuming 30M is reached this year, that would throw my current predictions straight out the window, as it would be clear that the Switch would be heading for 170M and beyond. All I can say is that Tbone better be right about this one.