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So its been a few months, since last post in this thread, and thought its time to maybe go over whats happend since.

Well so far, UK has failed to get 1 trade deal, that has better terms than what they already had, in terms of deals with said countries, back when they where in the EU. However to make headlines domestically, boris johnson needs trade deals quick, so their currently trying to rope in australia.

However, australia laid down that it wants barrier free trade on meat trade ect, in exchange.
What happends then? well farmers domestically (Uk/Scotland) are saying they wont be able to compete on equal terms with australian ones.
So soon the markets will be flooded with cheaper sheep/lam/cattle, from australia... which will devistate the local farming sector.

Solution? goverment is looking to "force" old / smaller farmers (likely to be impacted) to sell their lands, in exchange for a £100k check and asking them to go into retirement. Idea is that smaller farmers cant compete, so buy up large amounts of lands, and perphaps change production in the area, or just use land for something other.  

(its basically hush money, shut up, take this money, dont make noise, and let us be able to use the australia deal headline to score points politically)

Think Im jokeing? nope.

* Now, apparently theres also a lack of cheap labour that used to be eastern europeans, that came to the UK whenever it was time to pick fruit/vegatables/flowers.... which has resulted in alot of produce just rotting away, unpicked. Also the market has shrunk..... UK has less trade deals and area's to trade in, than when part of the EU, so prices for goods are probably down too. You gotta feel for the farming industry, brexit is really screwing them over.

Even just loseing out on the EU Common Agricultural Policy (which subsidies, and helps farmers).... UK farming sector is in for some stiff competition.
Not just from the EU side, but from Australia... and you can be sure, if UK does at some point get a deal with the USA, it will once again be screwed over. American hormone treated meats, GMOs, ect....

And to make it all the better:

Old promis's from brexit camp always seem to be broken.
This is just like them promising the fishing industry the moon & sky, and them leaving them high and dry.

Now this is ontop of : The fishing industry, The financial industry, the steel industry.... all takeing a beating for having Brexit, already.

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