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SvennoJ said:

Religion is a human creation, god never promised them a piece of land, the ones who wrote the stories did. Then sold it as god's will. It all comes back to education. Changing history or selective representation works with or without religion. Religion makes it easier.

I am not informed enough on the topic to have an opinion other than feel sorry for Palestine's humanitarian loss and isolation all this time - but I believe that if you remove the religion factor, nothing will change, both sides will still claim the land as theirs and will be willing to die defending it

tribes and governments used to conquer land long before today's religions, and the world's deadliest tragedies of all time have been carried out by atheist - 'free thinking' regimes... (Nazism and Communism)

as for religion being a 'human creation' that's just your opinion, not a fact in any way... I would say it is God inspired, but humanly interpreted, and that's where it goes terribly wrong, evil intentions sneak in to take advantage of what is meant to be used for purely good purposes, and sadly, Muhammed being a warlord and the Quran writer at the same time makes it very easy :/

don't mind my username, that was more than 10 years ago, I'm a different person now, amazing how people change ^_^