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Israel has implemented ethnic cleansing in Palestina for decades. Only now is getting expossed to the general public. It has done so both by killing and, more frecuently, by expelling palestinians from their homes and clearing palestinian lands in order to create jewish settlements. The violence we witness today started precisely when Israel forces tried to expel palestinian families from their homes in Jerusalen and use that land to create jewish settlements (As it has been doing for years now... Only that this time palestinians fought back fiercely). Zionists invaded and occupied Palestine in 1948, used terrorism to expel the colonial power there (the british), killed and displaced millions of palestinians, took their properties and homes and stablished the State of Israel. They did so backed by the resources of multimillionaires like the Rotchild and the Rockefeller families. And by the US, which needed a powerful ally in the area in order to secure its geopolitical and material interests. The palestinians have since suffered the stealth of their land and their country and the humilliation of being pointed as the "bad guy" while being the victims. Israel asphixiates the palestinian economy both by blocking Gaza and Cisjordania and by directly destroying the means of life of the palestinians (I.E., allowing israely settlers to cut thousands of olive trees wich provide palestinian families their only way of income). It's clearly an ethnic cleasing geared towards phisical elimination of palestinians from their land (and by phisical I mean no necesarily killing them, but making them dissapear from the land by terror, displazement, harassment, etc., in order to allow Israel to dominate the whole land that was once known as Palestine).