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Propaganda on both sides have gone so far there are no more objective views on this matter, Both sides are taught from early childhood to distrust if not downright hate the other side. Yet when people put politics aside, they can live perfectly fine with each other, We need more of this instead of the endless provocations from both side.

Islam is a beautiful religion, just like all the others, nothing to fear but the usual suspects abusing religion for political gains. Of course you never hear the positives mentioned, like quite ahead of her time. All change starts with education, yet as long as those in power wish to remain the status quo and control the school curriculum, nothing will change.

I have no horse in this race, but flew over the area while exploring the world in FS2020. It's an open air prison for sure, with many holes underneath.
Very interesting to see how it all relates to each other, but does not present any solutions. WW2 continues on, no end in sight.