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Rab said:

The Palestinians were once 97% of the population in the Israeli area 100+ years ago, they barely make up 3% now, decades of a systematic attempt at eradicating them is only now decades later being talked about in mainstream media, as a US 'friend' the Israelis have been protected from any consequence by both the Est Reps and Est Dems (Now Biden) in part using the talking points of 'false equivalency', any other country would be soundly condemned by the US long ago

Having accurate open questions and dialogue on this issue in the US has been very difficult in the past, maybe it's changing ever so little and a clearer picture of events is immerging for your average US citizen watching the news, the opinions of the US people are critical to this situation, it is only the US with it's unique connection to Israel that can play a roll in helping in this decades old human rights abuse, one of the worst the world has seen    


Not really up on the current situation, but the beginning is factually off.

I believe 100 years ago, Palestinians would have made up 100% of the Palestinian population. Cause... what was the other option? There was no Israel yet, so there could not have been any Israeli. But, at the time Jews made up about 1/10 of the population by British estimations. The population then was about 700,000, all people included. 

As of today there are about 1.89 million Arabs living in Israel making up about 20% of the population of Israel. How many of them would be considered Palestinian is hard to say based on their self identification, but it would be considerably more than 700,000. This is relatively consistent with the demographics after 1948, where it is estimated that 80% of the Arab population fled Palestine.

There are additionally 2 million living in Gaza, and about 2.7 million in the West Bank. Not sure what you're calling the Israeli area, but I'm pretty sure that by any definition, Palestinians make up more than 3%. The absolute number of which seems to be going up not down, within Israel's official borders, or occupied area.

Since 2005, about 4000 Palestinians have been killed. I absolutely am not trying to minimize or justify this, however, the term systematic eradication does not seem to fit. I would also question in this is either one of the worst the world has ever seen, or even the worst in the region, considering the hundreds of thousands of deaths in Syria and Yemen, the activities of ISIS, and so on. Again though, not as bad as ISIS doesn't make anything Israel has done acceptable.

Last edited by JWeinCom - on 13 May 2021