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The Palestinians were once the dominated ethnic group in the area 100+ years ago, they are now in the minority, decades of a systematic attempt at eradicating them is only now decades later being talked about in mainstream media, as a US 'friend' the Israelis have been protected from any consequence by both the Est Reps and Est Dems (Now Biden) in part using the talking points of 'false equivalency', any other country would be soundly condemned by the US long ago

Having accurate open questions and dialogue on this issue in the US has been very difficult in the past, maybe it's changing ever so little and a clearer picture of events is immerging for your average US citizen watching the news, the opinions of the US people are critical to this situation, it is only the US with it's unique connection to Israel that can play a roll in helping in this decades old human rights abuse, one of the worst the world has seen    


Note: Edited for accuracy, the population % of various groups I posted originally were inaccurate, I apologise for any confusion 

Last edited by Rab - on 13 May 2021