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JRPGfan said:
Blood_Tears said:

Hmmm it seems like the majority of the Xbox fanbase in the UK doesn't seem to care for physical boxed games anymore, regardless of Gamepass or not. 

Or the Xbox users, just dont buy as many games? it makes sense, why bother when you get free games to play from gamepass?

Its supports the backlog problem as well. We seen the stories here all to often. "I got such a big backlog i can wait to get this game when its discounted". Thanks to gamepass they can indefinitely wait as different games keep getting added and they know after a certain time the game will just end up in gamepass with whatever extra content launches later.

Xbox users are in fact desincentivized to buy games. Third party publishers and devs will take notice. Just look at square enix. No wonder they are trying to buy so many studios. 

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