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Shinobi-san said:

By standard metrics of next generation releases, I would say Xbox Series at this point has not even entered in the next gen.

Sony's on the other hand has been somewhat acceptable but pretty slow too.

Are we really buying these boxes for upgrades in resolution and fps??? Wtf is going on with our standards. Are we really waiting 2 to 3 years for compelling next gen experiences?

If not for Astro's playroom and a faster UI this gen is a wash for me.

Make no mistake, Xbox is setting themselves up really well...but thats where it is at the moment - about to pull the trigger. Not quite fired yet!

It's a bit depressing tbh. All news is about resolution, fps, ray tracing, gamepass, vrr and pretty much nothing about gameplay nor dualsense or 3D audio. If you don't have a 120fps VRR tv you might as well not bother with this gen. That's what it feels like at this point.

XBox is delivering the ultimate gen 8 console, but I would rather have a gen 9 console and experience.