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They are ticking all the right boxes for me and it's not even close, really.

GamePass. As the GP value thread showed, I've saved over $1,000 thus far thanks to GamePass. Now I play a lot more games and pay less. Plus, I get all MS games "free". None of the other consoles have anything remotely close to this.

xCloud. So far I've only used it on my PC browser and my phone on my home WiFi, but in the future this is going to be amazing. Mostly because, again, it has all MS first party games on it, and eventually GamePass games.

First party. I've never been a huge fan of MS first party. Until last gen I hadn't even played most Halo games and until this gen not most Gears titles. But now they have the biggest studio stable around and not only have they added a ton of studios but they are all studios that are my jam. Bethesda, Double Fine, Playground, Obsidian, Undead Labs, etc.

SmartDelivery. Mocked prior to launch, we've already seen it come in clutch for Xbox users while on the other platform there have been issues. Using xCloud on my PC for example, if I load up Outriders, it plays the last gen version of the game. My save transfers just fine and I play the game. When I go back to my Series X it grabs my save from last gen and applies it to my Series X version and loads it right up. If I go to download a game optimized for X|S it just grabs the right one and it works.

I'd also go into price, MS is still selling games for $60 compared to $70, but with GamePass making all first party games "free", it seems like a redundant point.

Free legacy enhancements. They just added a shit ton of FPS boost games. We also get resolution enhancements, auto-HDR, and quick resume on older titles. It's fucking amazing.

Overall it's just an amazing gamer centric console that seems more "4theplayers" than anything that we have seen before.