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I think a few issues:

1. People still clinging to their "Nation" threads years later or rather "mega" threads in general. I warned moderators about this and I believe it should be stopped. People are posting their opinions in those threads and not in the fact many new articles are not even posted in the forums these days. I find all my news/rumours/trailers from Youtube these days...and when i come on Vgchartz to give an opinion - nothing. I would need to navigate a Nation thread...and god forbid you post in a thread where you are not welcome due to supposed allegience.

2. Mods are struggling to ride the balance between posting as a user and as a mod. You cant enter into a debate as a "User" and then start moderating that same chain. Its ridiculous. Moderators also seem confused between a shitty unsubstantiated post with actual rule breaking. A shitty post is not automatically flaming or trolling. Its a fine line, but finding that balance is the goal.

3. Lack of new users and older users moving on or are simply less active. I guess this is probably the biggest reason. This is likely due to the fact that much less importance is placed on sales numbers...I mean new weeks sales threads were super relevant back in the day, I would even say it was the most relevant for the health and activity of the site.

4. Lack of emphasis on Sales figures - already covered above but i feel it also deserves its own point. Vgchartz is just another gaming forum for me at this point, with a relatively friendly userbase.

5. On the political front and other non gaming topics - it becomes super difficult to foster open discussion. Mods have their personal preferences, and one persons life view can be entirly insulting to another. No easy answer here...but id say tougher skin is required here with a lean towards laxed moderation. If someone is being civil and not outrightly directin an insult to wards another member the post should be okay.

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