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TruckOSaurus said:
Wman1996 said:

Stock issues once again cause the Switch to stomp the new consoles (among other factors). The 3DS finally reaches under 1,000 units sold globally. Remaining 3DS stock should be sold out by summer or early fall. Xbox continues to be a nonfactor in Japan, and I don't think that can change. PlayStation seems to be becoming more irrelevant to Japan from the PS3 to the present.

PS5 is actually doing better than what PS4 was doing in Japan in the same timespan. While their totals up to week 24 are virtually the same (658,550 vs 658,735), PS5's weekly sales are much healthier (around 20-25k) compared to what PS4 was doing back then (5.5-7.5k).

Ps5 software was healthy too?