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Gamepass Value from what I actually played is only $60 or so from what I played:
FH4 $60
Crackdown 3 $30
Downloaded Gears 5 and something else (don't even remember) but didn't get around to playing it.

Cost:$1 for gamepass + $30 for wired 360 controller (FH4 doesn't work with non XBox controllers)

However it also cancelled my plans to get an XBox One X after a price drop to play FH4 and other exclusives.
That's another $400 saved, plus other games I might have been enticed to buy after getting a One X (FH3 for sure)

It wasn't just value, it actually saved me money and first gen I didn't end up with all 3 consoles. The value of exclusives on PC for $1 was too much to justify getting the console.

Did it save you money or did you end up increasing your gaming budget by having access to more games?