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Mr Puggsly said:
Pemalite said:

Never paid for a single doctors visit, medical/physical checkup, vaccine, medication. etc' in my entire 35~ year life.

Universal healthcare is absolutely awesome, Americans are being conned... And it will *never* change while you have people screeching "socialism" left, right and center.

Dude, the people that talk about giving free heathcare or REALLY entertain lowering the costs are in power.

At some point you have to consider asking what's actually going on that prevents healthcare from changing in this country. Maybe its corruption, maybe the politicians have interests that aren't the people?

This is partly why I am a libertarian, there is little we can point to that our government actually does well. I certainly can't point to much where government plays a big role and it works well. If it does work fairly well, its often extremely inefficient/expensive. Our healthcare is not the free market people think it is either, its heavily regulated by government and that is a big reason prices stay high.

Rhetoric of "Government is shit at doing anything" is part of the reason why Universal healthcare can not and will never become "good" in the United States.

To many opponents rather than everyone putting their big-boy pants on and getting on with the job.

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