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Eagle367 said:

What annoys me about Canada is that an international student, I still have to deal with shitty private health insurance companies instead of being able to opt into government healthcare. I pay twice as much as any Canadian and don't get half the things every Canadian does. I can't go to my preferred doctor and I always have to think whether something is covered or not. It's super annoying. I would actually be fine paying a bit more than Canadians but being on the government program. Canada's private healthcare industry is run by international students and they love to rob us blind in every scenario. I guess human rights stop at the border for Canada. Plus Canada has a long way to go. It needs to cover prescription, hearing aids, dental and drugs as well. Way better than the US but a long ways to go and the path is clear on how to get there. Trudeau government lied about doing all those things. If only the people of Canada weren't so annoyingly convinced their country is a 1 party system when it's not. They only vote for liberals or Conservatives when they can vote NDP or the Green party.

It's the annoying first past the post voting system that's to blame for that. A lot of people vote for the 'opposition' instead of for the party they actually want to vote for, just so that the other guy doesn't get the most seats in parliament.

Canada has a long way to go indeed. It's practically norm here to go to the ER for first aid since an appointment with your regular doctor can take months. There aren't enough general practitioners. Our doctor should have retired long ago, pretty useless by now. But then what. I wouldn't mind paying if I could actually get an appointment with a doctor the next day or two. I never had these issues in the Netherlands, where it was also covered. Heck when I was young, the doctor still made house visits. Same morning, the doctor came by. Saved me from a nasty bacterial infection that could have cost me my leg if it hadn't been discovered as soon as it was.

I'm not impressed by Canadian healthcare. Emergency response is well organized, usually fast and efficient. Yet anything beyond ER is pretty bad.