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Wman1996 said:

I'm an American who's very much for single-payer. If privatizing healthcare in America further than it is already increased coverage and lowered cost, I'd be all for it. But it doesn't. So despite what faults it has, I'm for single-payer like the rest of the industrialized world. It may cause more government spending, but it lowers overall healthcare spending.

Australia actually has a hybrid system where *everyone* is covered, but if you are over a certain tax threshold, you will get hit with a big tax or you can find insurance with another company.
Business's and organizations also provide their own insurance that contributes to the health system.

Our approach has resulted in superior quality of care to that of the US... And it is far cheaper per-capita as well.

No one has to question if they will be covered, it's assumed, even if they are from overseas.


I think COVID has really showed us which healthcare systems are the most flexible and efficient in the world, it's not just managing the disease, but educating the public as well with various messaging.

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