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Manlytears said:

Mark my worlds. it would have been a 90+ if it sold for $60 and had the name "Metroid (insert number / name)". Seems like Housemarque did something especial here.

I will not mark your worlds down on my map. I am not much a fan of lighthouses. 

But in all seriousness, eh. I think this game has a really really great concept and looks pretty cool. It's the only next-gen game I was actually somewhat hyped for. And it seems like my cautious optimism was worth it! ... But ... It still looks like the movement and gunplay are fairly flaccid and limp, which in a game like this, could even come off as janky if you are playing the game. I'd have to play it myself, but, at least from the gameplay videos, it doesn't seem like those elements are that polished. Whereas pretty much every acclaimed Metroid game polishes every portion of the game to perfection (except I guess the platforming in Prime that you almost never do? lol). 

Edit: Also, the last Metroid game on Metacritic only got an 85, lol. 

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