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Barozi said:

I'm privately insured since I'm a civil servant in Germany, so I'm receiving all the med bills and pay them before I send them to my insurance company and get my refund.
Before the private insurance I wouldn't get any bill at all so I had no clue what treatments really cost.

Some examples:
Tooth Extraction - 46 Euro
Coloscopy and lab analysis of "materials" - 900 Euro
10 min talking to doctor - 20 Euro
Cavity filling - 150 Euro

Not very different from here (Canada). Dental care isn't included here. Last time coast me 278 Euros (CAD 414) for 2 cavities for my youngest son.
Chiropractor visit (also not included) is CAD 1600 a year (1074 Eurs) for weekly visits.
When I got hit by a car, ER treatment, tetanus shot was all free. Bike delivered home by the police. Only cost CAD 45 co-pay for the ambulance ride. Plus they never cared about ID or health card, no paperwork, just my name and address and everything was sorted.

Doctors give out a lot of samples here for medication to keep your costs low (meds not covered) and we also have alternative cheaper meds. It's still expensive though.