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Pemalite said:
IcaroRibeiro said:

I mean, I understand many games give us the choice of first choosing the assets quality and just then start downloading the patches to increase resolution and textures 

But from my experience those are the minority. I actually don't have a good TV, 1080P is the best I can go, so no reason to me expending local storage and consume time downloading 4K assets I can't really make use of 

I wish we could have more controls over this issue 

I think it's a false assumption to assume that downloading "4k assets" won't bring any benefits to a 1080P user.
There were 7th gen games which had 4k or higher resolution textures despite the fact that games often sat around the 720P resolution mark.

Even 4k resolution games downsamples to 1080P, which provides a very clean and crisp image on a 1080P panel as it's essentially a very expensive form of "anti-aliasing".

So yes, even at 720P/1080P you do want higher quality assets... Because we aren't at a point where games look photo realistic even at 720P.

If storage becomes an issue... I am of the mindset of just expanding my storage.

Or if you want to save money erase games you aren't going to play. For me there is enough space on the console for like 5-10 install at once and it is sufficient.

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