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Nettles said:

I'm against it because i believe it will make people even lazier and entitled and there really isn't enough money for it.On the other hand proponents argument that there will not be enough jobs in the future due to AI and automation are also true i think, so there needs to be a radical redesign of the way our society and economy works in the future.

People get 'lazy' and depressed when lacking proper nutrition and are always in a state of stress, living day by day without any certainty in the future. There will always be some that will take the assistance and not do anything with their life. Yet why focus on them instead of on the ones that want to improve their lives but can't due to not having the funds to create a better future.

Besides that, all the money that's spend on assistance, flows back into the local economy. These aren't stimulus cheques that disappear into some offshore bank account or end up as dividend for share holders, or gets spend overseas etc. It's a indirect stimulant for local businesses.