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Hey Everyone, I've been gone for a while now. For anyone who doesn't remember, I was a big Sony guy back in the day, I'd get into many heated arguments defending them on here. These days though, I can't defend them anymore and honestly their direction has turned me to their competitors.

I've always owned a Switch and PC but never gave them the time of day due to preferring to play everything on the PS4. In the last few years Sony has been catering too heavily towards Western games, the reason I fell in love with Playstation in my youth was the perfect balance between Japanese and Western focused games. I understand why Sony are doing it, but for me they no longer have the vision that I loved about them.

PS5 marks the first time that I haven't picked up a Sony console at launch (aside from PS1 because I was only six when it launched), this includes even the handhelds and upgrading to the PS4 pro at release. I'm just honestly not very excited at all about it, yeah there's some games I want to play but wait a few years and they will be on PC anyway.

These days I use my ps4 as a Netflix/YouTube streaming device. I let my PS Plus subscription expire for the first time since 2010, cause we all knew that turned to garbage a few years back. I've noticed they've started releasing better titles in the past few months but meh.

On the bright side, I've logged back into Steam for the first time since 2014 and even bought a 2nd switch ( non hacked one this time). In my opinion both PC and Switch are ticking all the boxes now. PC in particular has come a long way in offering Japanese titles and Switch has enough exclusive goodness to fill in the gaps.

I hope Sony can change my mind one day, but I have little faith this generation.

Rant over :)