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Chazore said:

OG 2. I like all the OG Resi games and their Remakes (besides REmake 3), but Outbreak file 1-2 hold a special place in my heart.

Shame Resident evil as a franchise is basically done for me after Remake 3, since they aren't going to bother remaking Outbreak or Code V, there's nothing really left for me that scratches my survival horror itch.

VII is much closer to 1-3 than 4-6. I put it off for a long time because of the first person perspective but was pleasantly surprised by it. VIII seems to be going for the same formula as VII.


As for my vote, it's Resident Evil 4 all the way, I've bought the game 3 times (GC, Wii and PC) and I'm sometimes tempted to buy it on Switch as well. It's such a great game with perfect pacing, amazing gameplay, fun characters that stills holds up very well today.

Second place would go to Resident Evil 2 (original and remake) then I have a soft spot for Resident Evil 5 because of how incredibly fun it was to play from start to finish with my brother. Finally, like I said earlier, I was very pleasantly surprised by VII.

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