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- Another thing I understood quite late is how to use Endemic Life. it's like an object, you choose it by pressing L and scrolling with A or Y. Then press Y to use it in battle, It can be very usefull, especially to gain health, to stun monsters or give them damages.

- Take all the colorful bird you come across until you're maxed out before going to face the monster

- Never forget to sharpen your weapons when you have time to do it. The more you hit the monster the more your weapons becomes weak and the more the monster can counter your attacks. So shapening is very usefull.

-Try as much as possible to ride your chumsky while you take an item (potion, meat, etc...) or when you sharpen your weapons. If you're mobile while doing that it's easier to avoid being hit.

Last edited by Supermario28 - on 07 April 2021