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curl-6 said:

Hunts and gatherings quests have a time limit, but you can go on expeditions that have no time limit. When your stamina gets to minimum you can no longer sprint and can only climb a very short distance. Inventory pouch has 24 slots but items stack and this doesn't include endemic life, so basically don't worry about inventory space, grab everything.

Some general tips:

- Sword & Shield is the easiest weapon to start with as it is simple, fast, and allows you to block. The lance is also a good starter for its ability to block and play defensively.

- Don't get greedy when going in for hits; it's better to leave a combo unfinished than to leave yourself wide open to getting hit.

- Eat a meal before each hunt, and once on the field, before heading to the monster, spend some time exploring to gather buffs and helpful endemic life.

- Get into the habit of always using wirefall (ZL + B) after getting hit, to escape getting combo'd.

- Pay attention to a monster's tells; they have specific vocal and animation cues before each attack, so learn these to tell what they're going to do next and act accordingly.

Rise is the first MH game for me as well. I feel completely lost between all the items, crafts, exchanges, shops, substitutions talents, chumskys palicos and how to improve them, etc.....

But everything curl-6 said is very usefull! One more thing I learnt though is to check the Monsters weaknesses and strengths before going to hunt.

If I never fought the Monster I look it up on the internet, once I met it, I go to the Compendium to see all the infos about him.

- What I look for the most is the Element of the monster (to increase my defense accordingly by eating the right dango, change my armor, my talisman and bring the right items

- Second thing is what Element the Monster is weak against. That way I can choose a weapon with that element that can do more damages

- Third thing is which part of the monster in the most vulnerable (often head and tail tip) to try to hit those spots while fighting.

I use double blades and for now i'm mostly smashing buttons, I should try other weapons and learn the combos!

Last edited by Supermario28 - on 07 April 2021