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hinch said:

RTX Voice is being superseded by Nvidia Broadcast. Whats interesting is with 410.18 drivers it doesn't require RTX cards and Works on older cards up to Keplar (GTX 600). Which is pretty awesome.

Update: tried on my 1070 and latest drivers and won't install :(

Just in case you did not realize because the wording in a lot of the articles not clear

Nvidia Broadcast require RTX

Nvidia RTX voice have worked with GTX card for awhile now actually (For around a year now I think)

Nvidia posted this awhile back

Under requirements it shows the GTX cards compatibility for 410.18 and up if you install RTX voice but Broadcast require RTX.

Tomhardware article really about something that happen a long time ago but guess since NVidia did not really advertise it that it went under the radar even through if you google it you could find it at nvidia website for a long time now.