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Tuesday news, part two:

Ace Combat 7 will receive more classic jets in the Experimental Aircraft Series DLC
The Ace Combat series continues its 25th anniversary celebrations with the announcement of an Experimental Aircraft pack, due "spring 2021".
The pack is structured similarly to other 25th anniversary DLC releases, which means three new fighters to fly and a lot of skins to equip. This one will add the F15 S/MTD Short, the FB-22 Strike Raptor and the F-16XL. The F-16 is a new "advanced technical fighter", while the Raptor is a stealth fighter bomber. Watch them fly in the trailer above.

Noah’s Ark, an old NES platformer never released in the US, is now on Steam
Released in Europe in 1992, Noah’s Ark was one of the very few religion-themed games to officially hit the Nintendo Entertainment System. Playing as Noah, you travel the world collecting animals for your ark in places like ancient Rome, Egypt and China. It was a pretty straightforward 8-bit platformer with one fairly crucial (and annoying) twist: water automatically rises as you traverse the levels, and the higher the water level gets, the harder the game is.

IO Interactive's 007 will be a wholly new 'Bond for the gaming industry.'
IO Interactive's take on James Bond won't retread any of 007's previous outings—nor will he resemble any of the actors who've portrayed the British superspy over the past 60 years.
In an interview with IGN, IO CEO and co-owner Hakan Abrak explained that the Hitman studio could only ever have taken the reigns on Bond if it was given complete freedom to create its own incarnation of 007—one that draws on the long history of the character, but is entirely IO's own.

E3 2021 is now coming sooner, on June 12–15
The Entertainment Software Association has now announced its final plans for this year's event, and a change in date. E3 2021 will run from June 12 to June 15, and has "early commitments from Nintendo, Xbox, Capcom, Konami, Ubisoft, Take-Two Interactive, Warner Bros. Games and Koch Media." That is a fairly decent lineup of big-hitters, though whether anyone brings their AAA game remains to be seen.

A full, 4K remaster of TimeSplitters 2 was hidden inside Homefront: The Revolution
Homefront: The Revolution's hidden TimeSplitters 2 remake apparently included far more than the two levels we already knew about. Unfortunately, it seems the keys to access the full game were lost years ago in a Discord ban.
That revelation came courtesy of former Crytek developer Matt Phillips, responding to ex-Vlambeer designer JW Nijman's call for developers to share easter eggs they'd hidden in games. There are some beauties in there too, from The Division's ninja turtles to Dragon Age 2's giant cheese wheel.

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