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Dulfite said:

People always wanting to hate on Gamepass really annoy me. The program has saved me hundreds of dollars. It has allowed me to try and enjoy games I wouldn't have ever bought, and try and hate games I would have otherwise purchased regretfully. Microsoft is obviously paying these third parties well because if not, why would they put their games on Gamepass? And if MS is paying them well, then either they are making a lot of money off of an increasing subscriber base, or they are anticipating they will based on data they have collected so far. Gamepass is great for consumers, great for investors, great for developers. The only people I see hate on it are the ones who are obsessed with sales figures and treat them like they are everything. This is 2021 people, it's very much about subscription models, will one day be ALL about subscription models, and it will NEVER go back to ALL being about sales figures again.

Why spend $500-1000 a year on game purchases for games, 90% of them, you will never touch again? It's a silly waste of money for those of us buying digitally. I only spend $180 a year on Gamepass PC.

I think the hate is entertaining and it's been interesting to watch it evolve over the last couple years.

First it was that we would never see any big third party games on it, but then those came.
Then all the MS games would be episodic, but that is yet to happen. Only thing episodic was Tell Me Why and that developer was already doing episodic before GamePass.
Then it was MS would only do small A/AA games, yet we got stuff like Gears 5 and Horizon.
Then it was MS would stop caring about quality and only release trash on it. Yet it's full of amazing games.
Then it was that MS would jack the price way up, and yet it's stayed $10/15 even with EA Play added. They've also started adding some big third party games day one (Outriders, Show 21).

Now the goal posts have shifted again and it's bad for retailers, everyone please think of the GameStop's and Walmart's of the world.