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axumblade said:
ice said:

I'll stick with my same list from last month
1) Halo Infinite - Xbox Series X|S
2) Echo Generation - Xbox Series X|S
3) Psychonauts 2 - Xbox Series X|S
4) Dying Light 2 - Xbox Series X|S
5) Tales of Arise - Xbox One

Honorable mentions: Tunic, Digimon Survive, Grounded (full release), Scarlet Nexus

Seriously why hasn't Psychonauts 2 released yet? wtffff

For real. I keep seeing it is listed for 2021 but I need some reassurance. I get Double Fine aren't the biggest studio that Microsoft have acquired but the game was announced 5 years ago and we don't have much more info than we did back then. 

I swear I watched an interview in Jan where Tim said it was done, everything was in the game they just needed to polish it.... Would've been a nice Q1/2 Game.