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AkimboCurly said:

Do you buy DLC for timed gamepass titles? 

It's often been said that one of the channels for game pass profitability is driving the sales of Downloadable Content. 

For my part, I think the timed titles somewhat undermine the integrity of this aspect the service. Longer games or games that you might want to buy DLC for are mired by a sense that you might not get to finish them or be able to hold onto your purchased content. 

One might reasonably think that it's better to have games on there for a short while than not at all, which in isolation is completely true, but has the dynamic effect of creating an uncertain market for players. This is especially important on PC where there are cheaper competing ecosystems for your DLC needs. 

The solution to this has to be a much more robust discount for games as they leave gamepass, and a bigger discount on DLC while still on gamepass. You can either be expensive, or ephemeral, not both! I suspect that removing the uncertainty for players will be enough to pay for the larger discounts. 

Examples/cases in point for those interested: 


Generally speaking I've spent more time playing games, and have also been buying more DLC for said games. But this is only true of the games I know are there to stay. For instance, I've bought Forza Horizon 4 content, Sunset Overdrive, expansions for Battlefield Hardline (only recently discovered that the reviews were pretty unfair to it), The Outer Worlds etc. 

But last year I downloaded Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and enjoyed the Skyrim-esque gameplay. Bought one of the DLC stories for it. Then it leaves gamepass never to be seen again. Hmmm. Now here I am, tempted by the new Vikings expansion for Crusader Kings III on game pass for PC. It's been on gamepass for 6 months now, which either means it's here to stay, or that it's leaving soon. Great? It's no secret that the Xbox/Windows Store is more expensive than Steam, and I don't want to be led into a trap whereby I either lose my DLC and move to Steam or keep digging into a more expensive store. 

(By the way, KC:Deliverance is currently 70% off on the xbox store. £10.49 for the game and all DLC. It's a gem and you should play it). The 20% gamepass discount is irrelevant in the world of cdkeys websites and ebay, and serves only to delay sales and take players away from your game.

Once the game leaves gamepass you still actually own the DLC content, you just can't play it, but the DLC purchase is tied to your account forever.
So if you get the game free with Games with Gold or purchase it on disk or whatever, that DLC will automagically transfer over.

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