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We really don't know why people turn to or return to these heavy drugs. From what I hear, it's extremely difficult to overcome. I'm not giving X any excuse, but it's easy for people outside of addiction to be opinionated on someone else's "demons". I couldn't imagine being on the other end of addiction knowing I want to stop, but just can't for whatever reason. No excuse would be good enough to some. You see or hear what he's doing and you go off of that. It's the way it is for most people. I guess I have a different take on it seeing as I've seen a few close folks of mine and suffer and even succumb to addiction.

DMX is by far one of my favorite rappers. So this really sucks. I don't really want him to die, but it's not looking good. I don't do prayer(s) or anything like that, but I hope for the best for his family and the hip hop community that loves and respects him.

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