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First I want to say, the significance of controllers as a peripheral is severely underappreciated and often overlooked as a deciding factor when choosing a system.

Most in part due to the evolution of graphics but also the nature of bias gaming.

It's a thing. 

It wasn't until Sega released their SixButton that the topic was up for debate and even then, gamers (console) never really spoke much about it. You just played with what was accessible or if you were a cool kid, you had to play with turbo buttons but I digress.

Nintendo undoubtedly set the blueprint for controllers but imo, Microsoft is the reason why ergonomics are now considered just as important as layout and ability. 

Since the OG Box dropped the S controller, I've been nothing but impressed with their approach. The bar had been set and Playstations refusal to adapt coupled with Nintendos wonky way of doing things, it seemed as though MS had this one in the bag and they most certainly did....until now.

I picked up a DualSense. Not because I own a PS5 because I don't (yet) but because of my passion for controllers and right out of the box, at first glance, I can honestly say THIS IS thee best controller on the market today.

Every controller has it's flaws as does the DualSense but those flaws are anecdotal. It's very hard to argue otherwise. 

So what's my point? 

Point is, it dawned on me back in the 64 days, that if I could play Goldeneye with a S controller, I would. If I could play Uncharted with a 360 controller I would.

So was it really the system I had bias for or was it simply the controller? I'm not a graphics guy. Never was and never will be so if that's your thing then maybe this topic isn't for you but after all these years of loyalty, I may soon be siding with Sony because they finally get it. 

They finally understand the true significance and importance of how a controller can make or break one's experience gaming because the DualSense is absolutely fccking amazing.

Insert Coin. Press START. You Died. Continue?