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How much will Monster Hunter Rise sell during it's lifetime on all platforms?  

Most Monster Hunter titles have been single platform releases in the past.  On the 3DS, the best selling Monster Hunter games were MH Generations and MH 4 Ultimate, with 4.3m and 4.2m respectively.  Then MH World came along and sold 16.8m units on PS4 + XB1 + PC.

Monster Hunter Rise releases on Switch today and is expected to release on PC sometime next year.  How much will it sell?  Will it revert back to 3DS like sales or will it sell more like MH World?  Perhaps it will land somewhere in between, or even exceed MH World?  What do you think?

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curl-6 bet me that PS5 + X|S sales would reach 56m before year end 2023 and he was right.
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