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hinch said:
Branko2166 said:

Have only completed Final Fantasy VIII and XIII.
Needless to say 8 was my favourite. Triple triad could almost be a game in its own right, OST was God tier and junction system was underrated. The more realistic graphics with the story focus being on teen/young adult characters really appealed to me at the time. I suppose it helped that I was a teenager myself when I played it the first time.

As for XVI, I hope it is more like FF7 and 8. Hope that they allow you to overpower your characters with the right tactics. 

Also would prefer a more linear experience for the story portion of the game as well.


Kinda is. SE released Triple Triad Mobile back in 2015, on iOS and Android. But yeah its addictive and fun.

I remember the game fondly. However looking back, the story and cast isn't it strong suit nor is the draw/junction system mechanic. I mean drawing magic for hours on end to build stats/magic power isn't my idea of fun anymore lol. Still, the music was great and basic gameplay was all there. Idd about TT, that is still the best mini-game in any FF.

The option to speed up the game 3x in the remastered version helps make the drawing of spell a bit less tedious and gives the overall game a better flow but I still hate that you're making yourself weaker by casting magic and that in general magic sucks (Aura rules though!).

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