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drkohler said:

The "stats" are:

1. AZ is to contractually bound to deliver 120mio doses to the EU. Signed and sealed contracts.

2a). AZ unilaterally cuts the amount to 30mio units

2b). AZ has yet delivered not even close to 30mio units

2c). EU gets really pissed

3. EU inspector thinks AZ hides true manufacturing capacity and has an Italian bottler inspected.

4. Italian police finds 29mio units in the fridge of the factory.

Here is where it is getting interesting:

4a). Italian police says the units were destined for Belgium

4b). Italian newspapers report units were destined for GB

4c). AZ immediately puts out a VEEEEEERY lame press statement 13mio for "poor countries", 16mio for EU

5. EU is even more pissed but key components of other vaccines are made in GB, and their own Trump threatens to stop delivering them in case of retributions/lawsuits.

That's where we're standing now. Lots of ego-fighting by otherwise irrelevant politicians and low-grade british newspapers.

The comedy of errors continues with the EU raiding their own supplies.

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