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Ka-pi96 said:
benji232 said:

Have you ever heard causal versus correlation? Even though you won, it absolutely does not mean YOU'RE the reason you made money. I have a better explanation for your winnings, it's called: luck.

And I have no problem with gambling, heck, I enjoy gambling a bit myself... But come on lol...

If you're gambling based on "luck" then you probably shouldn't be gambling.

If you want to gamble then you should put in the time and effort required. I'd argue that with sufficient knowledge one could predict any event with 100% accuracy. Sure, nobody would ever be able to get that level of knowledge, but the more knowledge one does have the more accurate they're going to be. Personally I only stopped gambling because it wasn't worth the time I spent on research to continue doing and without that research... well there's nothing "fun" about losing money.

This is 100% false. Every events has a certain probability of occurring, better information will only allow you to have a more accurate picture on the actual probability of said event...

For example, we have perfect knowledge on a certain casino game called ''roulette''. We know exactly what probabilities for each bets are. That doesn't mean we can predict what the outcome will be, we can only know the odds and expected value of each types of bets are for this game.

And, even if you were correct which you're factually not, it is impossible to have all the information necessary for say a certain stock to know exactly where the stock will end up because there is always random events that could occur that you cannot ''see''. For example, how do you know if Activision will not suffer of a huge company wide hack that could incur huge losses on the company within the next year? 

You can't know it, and that's why it's called gambling. Of course, it's a ''very low risk'' gamble to invest in Activision but, just because it's low risk, doesn't make it any less of a gamble (see my response to the other poster to see why).

Last edited by benji232 - on 24 March 2021

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