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Ka-pi96 said:
benji232 said:

Would society be better off with a CEO making a 200M$ bonus, or, a CEO making a 10M$ bonus and the 190M$ being paid as bonus to it's employees? (real economics question)

All of you who argue this dumbfounded logic that he got paid what the ''market equilibrium'' was offering for his position. The ultimate goal in economics is to maximize market efficiency, and thus, maximize society's utility surplus.

Real question, looking forward to your answer!

There wouldn't be a difference. Society is going to be just as good/bad regardless of who gets what bonuses.

Although if you're position is that the government should be able to dictate what companies can and can't do with their own money then I'd say society would definitely be worse. I'd much rather live in a free country than somewhere like China.

You are factually wrong.

And also, who said I wanted us to have a communist community? Oh, do you live in China because the government collects taxes to pay for road maintenance, park maintenance, public lighting, etc?

Please read and reflect on what I'm saying before putting words in my mouth please...

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