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Final Fantasy VI, mainly because I love the cast of characters (easily one of my favorites in JRPGs, if not my favorite) and how their back stories are very well developed, and the main story just has so many moving and memorable moments. Also, Kefka is probably my favorite villain in video games.

Second place would be FFXII mainly because I love its world and how fleshed out it is, both in terms of the story of the different areas/cities and the sense of adventure that you get from exploring the areas. I also like the battle system a lot, as well as the political tone of the story.

Third place would be FFIX, mainly because it's just a magic experience with very charming characters (though some like Amarant feel kinda underdeveloped) and many memorable moments (I think this is an aspect where the older FF games really excel at). Also, this game probably has my favorite love story in JPRGs, i.e. the one between Garnet and Zidane.

Having said that FFXII and FFIX could switch positions depending on my mood.

Last edited by Link_Nines.XBC - on 22 March 2021