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Bristow9091 said:
hinch said:

Yeah might give it another shot, been mainly playing on PC so haven't really looked into it. I'll probably research before starting each game and go the most OP class and spec, then cheese them lol.

How to become OP in each Dark Souls game - a TL;DR guide:

DS1 - Get a Black Knight weapon, preferably Halberd (Can kill the Black Knight for it within five minutes of starting the game)
DS2 - Get 20 INT and FTH, unlock Hexes, spam Dark Orb and Dark Hail (Takes a bit more time but magic is just super duper OP here)
DS3 - Get the Sellsword Twinblades, imbue with Sharp and pump up DEX (Can start with the weapons as Mercenary)

Just checked my library and have DS on Steam. Been collecting games on PC and not playing most of them lol.

Think its time.. thanks btw!