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Runa216 said:
hinch said:

Should really try more Souls like games (have Nioh 1+2 and BB) but get distracted by so many other games and lack the patience to endure lol.

Playing MK 11 Ultimate rn that I got recently for the PS5, in anticipation for the movie and loving it so far. Tbh not really played much MK games in a long time and only watched a few animated movies and series so I'm not up to date with the latest goings, and a lot has moved on a lot since (think it was maybe MK3). Though I'm really liking the story and single player aspect so far. The gameplay is also very satisfying as are the combos and the roster is pretty nice. not sure who to main yet xP But yeah fighting games have been lacking good SP content for a while and WB has done a great job here.

Situations like this actually sound like you need a coop partner. I know it's not a 'pure' way to enjoy the game, but I helped a couple friends through the games (Dark Souls III and Bloodborne), and they ended up loving it. solo? Hated it. coop? Loved it. 

Sometimes you just gotta find your own way to tackle the games. for some it's bashing your head against a wall 'til you see it start to chip away. for others, it involves jolly cooperation. both are equally valid, you just gotta play the game in a way that makes you happy! 

Yeah might give it another shot, been mainly playing on PC so haven't really looked into it. I'll probably research before starting each game and go the most OP class and spec, then cheese them lol.