OriGin said:
I don't agree... let me go find some screenshots, and I will try not to cherry pick them... BRB

I'm looking at them now. There are more designs on the Gears armor, but the detail in creases and realistic clothing look is much better in Killzone. The Gears armor has more going on on it in terms of different weird designs and stuff. This one is much more basic military uniform with packs and other kinds of gear on instead of armor pieces.

One looks like heavy armor, the other looks like a uniform alone. Also one is packing more things on it than the other, but stuff can still be added to the uniform later, that's a design choice really.

What is really blowing me away is the creasing and surface of the cloths and the way the uniform has extra area in the crotch area as it should in real pants. Those details are much less present in Gears though there are a few creases above the knees.  

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