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AkimboCurly said:

I want another Sunset Overdrive game, but am I right in saying that Sony now own that IP?

I want the small Grounded obsidian team to help Undead Labs made State of Decay 3. I feel like that Franchise is so underrated but needs Obsidian's polish.

One of the reasons SO was on XBox instead of PS was because at the time Insomniac wanted to own their new IP, but Sony would not fund it under those conditions.  MS however did, and while they own exclusive rights to the 1st game permanently by contract (think Bayo 2/3 and Nintendo), Insomniac retained rights to the IP itself (think Bayo 2/3 and Sega).

So with Sony buying Insomniac, yes they now own the IP and there will be no SO2 on XBox.

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