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DragonRouge said:

I came here to say that I 120% agree with all of this.

And also, Pearl Jam?, Slipknot?, Oasis? You guys are spoiled.

Check this out:


Now that´s shitty music.

That song reminds me of another one that I'm unable to find, but which was pretty ridiculous: it was made by a mayor of a random town and the lyrics were something like this: "I wake up at eight, I eat a bagel, I'm happy as a lark". It had sort of a videoclip too, but it was just the mayor running in circles in a roundabout of his town. It was supposed to be an inspirational song, but it only attracted mockery, so maybe the mayor realized it and deleted the song.

I have periods of social disconnection, it's a part of me that I need and keenly embrace. I'll still log in and read news and threads during those times, but I won't be (very) active on the site, so I apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause (late answers, bumps or the like).


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