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First of all, I want to show my appreciation for Slipknot (masks and look included). In saying this, however, I can perfectly understand why their music may sound bad to many people; it's not easy to like.

[Note: art plays a big role in my life, so this post quickly became kind of a sensitive issue for me while I was writing it. Sorry in advance for the mood and the tone.]

Now, regarding the question in the OP, I'm not going to say any specific name, but just make instead a general mention to most of those "reggaeton-trappers" who shit on grammar when writing their blatantly simple, basic and lack of substance lyrics and who need the help of a machine to make their voices not sound like crap. I mean, if you can't write without getting your brain spilled out of your cranium and you can't sing without sounding like a scratch in a metal box, why the fuck don't you stay drooling in your house, instead of spitting in the good name of art?

And I say this as someone who can listen and like almost any kind of music of any genre, as long as it offers something valuable: reggaeton itself, rock, pop, rap, reggae, metal, classical, electro, blues, punk, swing, dubstep, folk... Just whatever. But that crap? The only songs I've managed to fully listen from those untalented scams (without getting angry or a headache) are the instrumental versions, and even then they're generally so dull, boring and samey that it's still not worth it. So how bad can someone be when it does much worse what is already mediocre? The word 'artist' is light years away from those puppets of the record companies.

To me, they're in the same group than the "artists" who "create" these kinds of "works of art", which is also the group shared with all those modern poets and poetesses who can't rhyme, don't know what meter is, don't have any linguistic skills or resources beyond very basic metaphors and comparisons, and can't even use punctuation marks properly. And yet they sell books like if they were free.

"You know what?


I don't know."

That shadow of a crap is a real "poem" that is in a real book. Fuck my life. I have poems written when I was 8-9 years old than kick the ass of that shit. But this is what you get when you give a tommy gun to a monkey: the "democratization of art", they call it, when it's rather its murder: these walking insults to intelligence are nothing but the knife that stabs it at its back.

I was once in the same car than a guy who spent a lot of years at a good music school and who was allegedly a good saxophonist, yet his idea of a good song was standing in the middle of a stage with the saxophone in his hands, but vociferating (not singing, just screaming nonsensically) instead of playing it; he argued that was art. Heck, he even literally defended that a random tree in the middle of the countryside could be considered art. Fuck my life again. And the worst part is that his only motivation to do so was appearing in future music history books; he just didn't give a fuck about the quality of what he was doing or about making real, valuable art and spreading culture. He was just there for fame and recognition. That's the mentality of these pseudo-artists: they realized long ago that they could get famous by going to the toilet and publishing what came out of there - because that's what's considered art now (I mean, literally) - and they just did it.

Also, I have yet to listen a noisegrind band that is something more than just noise attempting to be music, and I say this as someone who likes extreme metal too. But hey, at least those bands acknowledge what they are doing.

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